Aug 14 2012
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Kendrick visited Detroit to talk about¬†Devon & Donald’s¬†Recipe submission. Video highlights soon!

Aug 11 2012
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Nelson’s Recipe

Retirement villages, parks, and the public library.

Aug 10 2012
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Wilmington, NC


We have a fine male/female ratio of 40% dudes 60% chicks. We have the waves, we have the raves, we have a butt load of movies filming here including IRON MAN 3. We have celebrities, we have Top Chef finalists, birthplace of the Freakers, and last but not least we are the native home to the Venus Fly Trap.


Aug 10 2012
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Home of crooked cops, gangsters on the block, and unknown artists tryna be heard and put on for the city that does’t produce much but Mexican huslters.

Aug 09 2012

Aug 09 2012

Nottingham UK

Nottingham has got the recipe we have the women the weed, not so good weather and a legend of robin hood hiding in an oak tree, weve got m.A.A.d love for kendrick and the whole black hippy TDE movement, 1st Blood Repping like m.A.A.d circle,west up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 07 2012

Seoul, Korea

Money, Soju & Party

Aug 06 2012

eau claire, wi

cheese, weed, beer, and white ass crackas das all mang

Aug 06 2012

The Recipe, New York

Fashion, fun, and fast women

Aug 05 2012

Philly’s Recipe

Come for the Cheese Steaks, Stay for the Bad bitches.. But then leave ‘cause of the dumb niggas.

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